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Centre for Leadership and Talent Development

About CLTD

The Centre for Leadership and Talent Development was founded in 2018 with a primary mission of providing training to all segments of the Sri Lankan society for them to achieve their maximum potential

About ITD World

ITD World is the global talent and leadership development expert that delivers training, action learning, coaching, mentoring, consulting, competency certification and seminars globally. CLTD Sri Lanka brings to the country the expert training and coaches of ITD World.

Our Programmes

CLTD Sri Lanka together with ITD World conducts multiple programmes for leadership and talent development in Sri Lanka. CLTD offers individually catered as well as public workshops, conferences, seminars and other events.

ITD World




Global Mega Gurus


Global Leadership Development Expert

Contact Us

No. 1, Level 01, Lake Cresecent, Colombo 02

+94 76 731 8211